Pandawa Beach

“Pandawa beach” or “Pantai Pandawa” is a white sandy beach with a length of approximately 1 km which is flanked by two pieces small cape on the left and right as a barrier. This beach forms a crescent moon when seen from the air with a width of approximately 250 meters if it is drawn a line from the shoreline to the land. Part of this coastal plain bounded by hills was very steep and precipitous that was previously inaccessible. That is why the prime tourists who find this beach called it a “hidden beach”. At that time said to be “hidden” because it has no access to the beaches. It is said that some of the tourists who want to enjoy the beaches like sunbathing, bathing etc must use ropes to reach its shores. Since that time the beach is known and spread to fellow tourists as “hidden beach”. Although now it can no longer be referred to as a hidden beach but the title was still stuck because of the history of the term discovery. That is cursory the term of “hidden beach”.

By contrast, a term or a name that is now known as “pandawa beach”. This name was created by locals led by Mr. Nyoman Mesir together with the indigenous villagers of Kutu. The initial idea is how to create a path to its shores. This idea was triggered merely to gain access to the pandawa beach. This access is needed by the local population in the interests of religious ceremonies or melasti and ceremonies other. Motivation initially not more than that, because at that time there was no access at all to the beach which at that moment not yet named or anonymous. It is just a small beach bounded and prevented a steep hill and steep. The beach can only be seen from the steep hill above a height of approximately 20 meters. But then after access to the pandawa beach formed, born other development potential by the local community, namely the cultivation of seaweed. Later came the idea by local communities to improve the access or the road to make it better and representative by cutting the cliff (of which previously merely a small and narrow roads without asphalt). But with as time goes by, the pandawa beach became a place visited by many local and foreign people to enjoy the beaches. And sooner or later from day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year tourist arrivals increasing, which in turn makes the pandawa beach as one of tourism destination by foreign guests as well as local that carried by the Bureau of journey or travel agent or the tour guide and a taxi driver. The name or identity of the true original of this beach is “kutu beach” according to the location which is located in the village of Kutu. But by the community or local indigenous villagers turning it into “pantai pandawa” or “pandawa beach”. Giving the name is inspired by the spirit and example of puppetry figures namely Pandawa itself. In this figure puppetry described as a solid character, strong, not easily broken apart and tossed around by his enemies. This spirit adopted by local indigenous villagers in the hopes Pandawa coastal areas can be conserved and developed become one of the strategic tourism areas aligned to local wisdom and not be fractured by a person or foreign investors. Mr.Nyoman Mesir said on the sidelines of a family gathering or a gathering together that runs from this day on the pandawa beach (Saturday, April 26, 2014). Previous village kutu are part of the traditional village Ungasan. But the struggle of the local community, led by Mr. I Nyoman Mesir who was then serving as the village of Lice perbekal finally in 2002 this region officially broke away from the traditional village of Ungasan. After passing through struggle and hard work on the creation of pandawa beach who is now has been transformed into a strategic tourism area, Kutu society began to realize and feel the benefits and results of the opening of the access road to the beach by cutting the cliff that had before a steep hill  and do not have a road at all. As gratitude for the goodness of natural, local communities now have a new philosophy of “splitting the cliff to earn dollars”. Now the pandawa coastal area has become a new tourism destination with economic mobilization and income per day are arguably not little. Supporter of tourism activities run by local indigenous villagers such as the row of stalls along the beach that sell a variety of food and beverage, car parks, ticket or entry fees, sale of souvenirs and a variety of other activities, has made this area into a new economic region which incidentally is the impact of tourist visits to the  “pandawa beach”.

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