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Existing facilities at Pandawa beach among others : a large park of car  and motorbike. Rows of stalls that sell a variety of snacks, canoe rental, long chairs, beach umbrellas, beach volley. There are 4-6 bathrooms and toilet in a separate area that is rented  by owner of stall to visitors with the prices as follows : to urinate Rp.2000 / person, shower Rp.5000 / person. Rent a canoe = 20,000 / hour, rent beach umbrella + 2 long chairs =  Rp.50.000, rents playing volleyball + net + ball = Rp.50.000. Rent a place for event such as outing, gathering, outbound, exhibition or other events please direct contact the staff at : +6285101725367 or 085237658133. For temporary there is no facility such as mosque, chapel, star restaurant, etc. We’ll update if any recent changes. Entrance fee for vehicle are as follows: motorcycle = Rp.2000 / motors, Bus = Rp.10,000 / bus, car = Rp.5000 / car.

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