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Existing facilities at Pandawa beach among others : a large park of car  and motorbike. Rows of stalls that sell a variety of snacks, canoe rental, long chairs, beach umbrellas, beach volley. There are 4-6 bathrooms and toilet in a separate area that is rented  by owner of stall to visitors with the prices as follows : to urinate Rp.2000 / person, shower Rp.5000 / person. Rent a canoe = 20,000 / hour, rent beach umbrella + 2 long chairs =  Rp.50.000, rents playing volleyball + net + ball = Rp.50.000. Rent a place for event such as outing, gathering, outbound, exhibition or other events please direct contact the staff at : +6285101725367 or 085237658133. For temporary there is no facility such as mosque, chapel, star restaurant, etc. We’ll update if any recent changes. Entrance fee is Rp 8,000 per person, parking fee for vehicle are as follows: motorcycle = Rp.2000 / motorcycles, Bus = Rp.10,000 / bus, car = Rp.5000 / car, 

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